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Healthy, Beautiful Lawns Without Breaking a Sweat – and Your bank Accounts – That’s Our Professional Lawn Care Experts and Services for Your Every Lawn Need

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Landscaper Charlotte, NC is your go-to team of professionals who have the solutions to your every lawn care need. Our experts have the knowledge and skills, plus a wealth of experience, that help them analyze your lawn thoroughly, providing you the complete breakdown of everything that it needs. And with the customized service plan and solutions that we create, your lawn will come out in the best and healthiest shape that will last throughout the year.

We work the magic into your front and back yard, providing you with the most beautiful lawn that will give you a stress-free, safe and more comfortable home environment that you won’t want to leave. Plus, we do it all at the most affordable rates.


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The perfect lawn you have ever dreamed of having is right within your reach, and your budget, too. And you don’t have to break your back working to achieve it.

Landscaper Charlotte, NC is literally just a call away for all your lawn care needs. We have our professionals on standby, especially for your lawn treatment that needs to be done right away. And when we are done, your lawn will be good as new, healthy and beautiful, and will definitely last the whole year.

We will customize a plan with our clean cut lawn service and develop the best solutions to your problems. And the result is guaranteed to meet you expectations. With our affordable rates, you can definitely enjoy a lush and well-manicured yard that will have your home the talk of the town.

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Landscaper Charlotte, NC exists for all your lawn care needs. We are committed to giving you the results you want and dedicated to your satisfaction. This is why our results are always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Your expectation of the perfect lawn, that is healthy, safe, comfortable and downright beautiful, is what you will get when our expert professionals are done with our services. Rest assured that your lawn is in the best hands when you have us working on it.


But, if in the rare chance we don’t meet your expectations, feel free to tell us and we will be on our way to make things right. Of course, our clients have always been happy and have stuck with us because of our excellent yet affordable lawn service. So, we know you will, too.

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“I was looking for grass cutting service near me when I learned about Lawn care Manteca. And hiring them is probably the best decision I have ever made, not only for my home but also for the small business I run. The resulting landscape is simple yet breathtakingly beautiful. And the services fit right in my budget. Highly recommended.”

Mark Myers, Kindertown, Manteca, CA

“The first time Landscaper Charlotte, NC worked on my lawn will not be the last. I am very impressed with the results and my expectations were definitely met. Thank you guys!”

Richard M., Manteca, CA

“It was hard maintaining the kind of lawn I wanted. But I didn’t want to get professional help because doing so is expensive. Imagine my surprise with the affordable services of Landscaper Charlotte, NC that gave me exactly what I wanted. I will definitely be with this impressive company from now on.”

Sandra Santos, Manteca, CA

“It is hard to impress my husband. But what do you know. The guys of Lawn Care Manteca did just that with the amazing lawn we have right now!”

Hazel Andrews, Manteca, CA


Come home to a place that is a feast to the eyes and the envy of the neighborhood. Because that is certainly what we will give you when you acquire our affordable lawn care services.

And getting started with Landscaper Charlotte, NC is easier than you think.

  1. Send us a message or call our numbers for a discussion on your lawn needs.
  2. Receive a quote.
  3. Complete lawn analysis will be done and a customized care plan is developed.
  4. Then we get right to work!

Enjoy a stress-free beautiful and healthy lawn at the best price, without worrying about the process.

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Get expert yet affordable lawn care services without breaking your budget.Landscaper Charlotte, NC is just what you need to get the best results for your lawn. Never have to spend hours working under the heat of the sun just trying to get the yard you have always wanted. With our services, you will definitely have that and more.

Enjoy the many benefits of getting professional help with our lawn experts.

  • Have great long term savings
  • No more working hard for long hours
  • Avoid accidental lawn damage and destruction
  • Have consistent lawn care regimen for a healthy, beautiful lawn all year round
  • Enjoy the significant increase in your home value

So, be sure to enjoy all of these and get in touch with us now.



If you always spend you weekends and days off mowing the lawn and keeping it in the best shape, then you might just be missing out on what life has to offer. Of course, you can always enjoy gardening and landscaping. But you don’t have to compromise your time and effort doing so.

Landscaper Charlotte, NC will take the time-consuming and exhausting job of lawn care away from your hands so you can enjoy what truly matters in life. And when you come back home, be prepared to enjoy a more beautiful, healthier and comfortable home environment.

Whether it is your home or a business establishment that needs our lawn care services, we have you covered.

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Do you want to have the best looking and healthiest lawn that will stay the same all year round? With our customized and affordable lawn maintenance solutions, this is exactly what you are getting.

So, be prepared to have your expectations met and your satisfaction guaranteed 100%. Landscaper Charlotte, NC will provide the solutions you need to get the lawn of your dreams.

We assure you that our services and the results of our work will put a smile on your face and make you proud of your property.

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