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It is a wise decision to search for “lawn care near me” if you want a stunning and healthy lawn. Lawn care professionals achieve extraordinary results because we have the best equipment and lawn care solutions. More importantly, however, is that we are equipped with the right and necessary knowledge. Simply put, we are called professionals because we know everything there is to know about lawns – we know our grass. We know how to grow and maintain them properly.


Landscaping Services: Experts on All Things Grass


When we say we know our grass, we do not say it to brag. We want our valued clients to be assured that real experts are taking care of their lawns. We also sincerely believe that commitment and passion make for a successful endeavor, such as a business like ours. Thus, we decided to equip our team with all the grass and lawn knowledge they would need to ensure the best service and the most outstanding results.


The grass is an invaluable asset to our planet and its inhabitants; yes, that includes us, humans. Grasses makeup about 26% of the plant life on our planet and help improve water and air quality. There are three main types of grass. There is the Cyperaceae or the bulrushes and hedges, and there is the Juncaceae or the rushes. The third type is the Poaceae, the grass typically found in lawns or yards in the United States.


Some think that the grass yard only exists to make yards look beautiful. We say, grass lawns do that and so much more.


  • Grass lawns produce oxygen. A 250-meter lawn has enough oxygen for a family of four.


  • They also help improve air quality by trapping airborne dust particles and contaminants.


  • Grass help prevents erosion as they keep the soil in place with their root system.


  • Landscapes with grass lawns, trees, and shrubs cool down the surroundings by up to 7%.


  • A healthy and well-maintained lawn increases your home’s market value by up to 20%.


The success of having a verdant grass lawn starts with picking the right grass that would thrive in your yard. Knowing the right kind of fertilizer and the perfect amount of water for your grass are also crucial. Then there are other maintenance tasks like soil aeration and the basic maintenance task of mowing or grass cutting. 


Grass or turfgrass, in particular, is 75 to 80% water by weight; 90% of which comes from the root where most of the growth occurs. This is the reason why grasses continue to grow even when you regularly cut them; this is also the sense why knowing the right grass height for cutting is crucial. And yes, even if your grass is overgrown, you still need to follow the right grass cutting height and then cut it by increments until the desired height.


A grass lawn is indeed an asset to your home. Talk to lawn care professionals to keep your grass lawn healthy and stunning.